Linggo, Hunyo 3, 2012

As a young mama

Hello there!
As you notice on my picture's I look young. Well It's definitely true! I
 am only 19 years old going 20 this month of July.
I am a proud YOUNG MAMA two cute little boy's 

Prince Jester and Prince Jin!

At first I had a difficult times taking care of them because for me I am still not ready
to be a mom. I still go out and hangout with my friends, I go home morning already so I have no time for my son. But every time my oldest son called me "dhadha" (that's my name)
instead of "MAMA" i feel hurt. But i cant blame him I always hanging out and no time to take care of him.
After 3 years of being a irresponsible mother my Mom and I always arguing because of that issue and also because I am always drinking together with my friends and no time to go home.

So i decided to runaway and go to my Boyfriend's house after a month I got pregnant again to my second son and It's hard for me to tell it to my parents.
After I gave birth to my second son I promised to myself that I will be a responsible mother from now on and I will be matured enough to raise my two son and take care of them 100%. 

Now my family and I are in touch again and my oldest son know;s already how to call me MAMA!
I am still lucky to have a two bouncing baby which I can call my own! And I already found
the man of my dream! and that is my husband. ;)


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  1. Hi Dhahda! Good to know that motherhood changed you a lot now. This will only be just the beginning and there are more to come. What is important is you are learning.

    Mommy Maye (

  2. thanks for sharing your story. It is nice to know that you learned your mistakes and changed for the better.

  3. salamat mga mommy! Yeah I'm happy now because I've been matured enough and learned for my mistakes. :)

  4. congratulations on your resolution to become a better mother! as what Mommy Maye said, it has just started and it will be a roller coaster ride :) good luck!

  5. motherhood can likewise be spelled as responsibility.

  6. Hi Dhadha happy to read here that you finally chose to be a full time good mom. What you did in the past was not actually your fault ( I believe so) because you are that young to realize everything. Good thing that you learned by yourself and that is a good start of changing your views and attitude for the better. Congratulations :)

  7. What's important is you were able to bounce back and you're now fully committed to your family. Thank you for sharing!

  8. thanks for sharing your story. lesson learned. :)


  9. It's great that God touched your heart and let motherhood make you a better person for your children.

  10. i love the part when you realized what you wanted and you chose to do the right thing. often, teens go around and around and forget to give value to their own children. congratulations to you!


  11. Congratulations! That was the best decision ever!

  12. congrats! you have come to your senses na eheh